ur professional studio, in synergistic professional collaboration with an authorized auditing company, (enrolled in the List held by the Ministry of Economic Development, in accordance with the art. 1 law 1966/1939), issues the asseveration of economic and financial plans.

The asseveration is required by the Law for participation in bids as provided by Legislative Decree 19 April 2016, no. 50 – Code of Public Contracts relating to works, services and supplies in the implementation of EC Directives or where the call for bids provides for the preparation of a financial plan that has been asseverated by a bank or by an audit firm.

The private person who intends to propose to the Public Administration an offer to carry out a public work through the project financing, is obliged to submit, among the various documents, also an asseverated economic and financial plan that accounts for the economic equilibrium of investments and the consequent management, as well as the return for the entire period of the grant, the economic return of the investment and the guarantee of payment of the loans granted.

In detail, professional services consist of:

  1. Consulting for the preparation and / or revision of the economic and financial plan;
  2. Asseveration of the economic and financial plan;
  3. Warranty for the asseveration release without any risk of notification or complaint by non-adjudicatee third parties.