Our professional studio was born as a business managerial consulting providing customers with the best management approach to the different situations.

In this sense, over the years we have implemented advanced services, integrating legal and managerial aspects, so that we can guarantee customers a complete intervention, considering all the company’s needs.

Particular attention is paid to start-ups, to which we offer and coordinate all the necessary services both during the starting phase and during ordinary business life (drafting of the business plan, investor / financing research, legal risk analysis, identification of the correct corporate legal form, statute and drafting of shareholders’ agreements, compliance with law, contract law, trademark / patent registration, accounting book and tax compliance, etc.).

We also deal with optimization of business relationships between us and our clients or between them and other companies. The activity is developed through the circulation of information and opportunities by favoring trade and strategic alliances.

Moreover, we carry out due diligence and advisory activities in all sectorspertinentextraordinary operations of M & A’s (acquisitions, mergers, divisions, and liquidations), assistance for the establishment of subsidiaries offices offoreign companies, concentrative and cooperative joint ventures.

Furthermore, weboasts experience for almost every type of contract, both for cases already typed by legal order and the so-called category of “new contracts”. By way of example, just to mention the principals: confidentiality agreements, preliminary contracts, subcontracts and works contracts, contracts so-called commercial, sales concessions, leasing, franchising, licensing, mandates, IT contracts, business and quotasassignments andrentals, consulting and sponsorship contracts, statutes, shareholders’ agreements and generally framework agreements relating to business reorganizations.

Of course, the Studio also offers basic services such as:

  • accounting organization;
  • budgeting;
  • technical expertise, evaluationsand advice;
  • evaluation of companies, branches of companies, capitals;
  • liquidation of individual and collective companies, capitals and individual assets;
  • administrative and accounting audits for accounting reorganization and for assessing the reliability of financial statements;
  • settlement of capitals, divisions and assignments of capitals and assets;
  • services for the constitution and changes in the capital of companies, foundations and associations of any kind;
  • corporate transactions: transformations, mergers, divisions and mergers of companies or business branches;
  • corporate assistance to ensure the full and regular fulfillment of practices and formalities not inherent in the actual management;
  • mayor functions in companies;
  • auditor functions in public bodies.