Our professional studio pays particular attention to the restructuring and reorganization of companies in crisis and to the judicial and out-of-court advice – also in favor of credit institutions –within insolvency proceedings.

We assist the company management in balancing choices, marketing regulations and corporate social responsibility.

The evolution of bankruptcy law has allowed us to use in the restructuring field, from an interdisciplinary point of view, the knowledge gained in the field of planning extraordinary finance transactions, thus creating and consolidating technical solutions, initially pioneering (e.g., use as a complementary function of legal institutions such as trust), which today constitute a common heritage of the business community.

By way of example, the activity concerns:

  • the identification of the most appropriate legal instrument to deal with the business crisis;
  • the management of debt renegotiation with the various categories of creditors;
  • the negotiation of Standstill agreements, pacta de non petendo, and identifying bridge loan mechanisms;
  • the negotiation of restructuring and modification agreements for contracts governing financial debt, the identification of the most appropriate system for the liberation from the remaining debts, from legal, tax and regulatory point of view, and applications for corporate governance and exit strategies;
  • legal assistance in relation to the most appropriate corporate acts, relations with financial and industrial consultants, issues related to the manager’s responsibilities, the proposal to be formulated to creditors, negotiation and conclusion of contracts for the business sale, investments in real estate, the use of the wage support measures, other implications on employment relationships, also in collaboration with the other divisions of our professional study;
  • Assistance on Legal Issues related to certifications of rebalancingplans(ex art. 67 L.F .);
  • the drafting of the various applications and appeals for rebalancing agreements (ex art. 182 bis L.F.and its oppositions);
  • the preparation of the acts and the study of all the preliminary questions to the formulation of the preventative agreement;
  • assistance within the extraordinary administration procedure;
  • contractual assistance (also through the use of complex negotiating figures for the property defense complementary to the business crisis such as the Trust) in which the agreements are developed.