For two decades our professional studio has been offering, also in synergistic professional collaboration with an Italian legal practice, specialized advice about best solution to achieve growth and development goals. As an example, our work is addressed to:

CORE BUSINESS FINANCE: assistance in financing operations having as object new business investments with solutions for a wide range of interventions:

  • financing for investment and development programs in the industrial and commercial sectors;
  • Real Estate Financing;
  • funding for research and development (R & D);
  • Shipping;
  • facilitated funding.

DEVELOPMENT FINANCE: assistance in financing operations dealing with liability management and financial optimization of financing sources, such as those intended for:

  • financing for rebalancing of short-term sources and medium to long-term ones;
  • financing for rebalancing of financial debts and net worth;
  • leasing;
  • factoring.

STRUCTURED FINANCE: assistance at all phases of products development related to extraordinary financing operations with particular regard to:

  • Acquisition & Leverage Financing;
  • Merger & Acquisition (M & A);
  • Advisory;
  • Placement;
  • Listing (IPO);
  • Bonds;
  • Capital increases for listed companies;
  • Securitization;
  • Private equity;
  • Project Financing.