Our professional studio, in synergistic professional collaboration with a Trust and Audit Company, enrolled in Division II of the List held by the Ministry of Economic Development, deals with all phases and all areas related to the creation of a trust and its ordinary and pathological life. In detail, professional services consist of:

  1. Opening and fiduciary registration of bank accounts and securitiesdeposits both in Italy and abroad.
  2. Fiduciaryregistrationof asset management.
  3. Registration, management and safekeeping of assets, donations, bonds and foundations, securities and chattel’s value, the management of bequests and testamentary executions, inheritance management, hereditary succession.
  4. Fiduciary registration, consulting and planning of real estate.
  5. Participation in corporations, including foreign law, the respective fiduciary registrationof listed and non-listed stocks; Fiduciary registration of listed and non-listed bonds, government bonds, various credit certificates – Transfer of equity investments.
  6. Deposits and registrations of values with specific constraints.
  7. Representation in commercial negotiations, for purchases both in Italy and abroad in private and anonymous form.
  8. TRUST administration, with TRUSTEE or PROTECTOR function in”internal and external” Trusts
  9. Non-Resident tax representation and companies domiciliation.
  10. Registration of shareholder contributions to the capital accountor unproductive loans–Bond loan.
  11. Corporate Accounting Revision and Organization and Voluntary Due Diligence.
  12. Institution of securities on behalf of third parties; Deposit of pawns as third custodian; Registrations for warranty purposes.
  13. Subscription of insurance policies as Contractor and Beneficiary
  14. Credit registration and pro-soluto purchase of uncollectible accounts; Credits registration towards the Exchequer to simplify the settlement operations;
  15. Stock Option Plans.
  16. Participation, representation and assistance in the business partners’ meeting, shareholder or owners of preference shares and bondholders and practise of the right to vote.
  17. Development, management, organization and participation in union/corporate agreements; Administration of block of sharesconditioned by union agreements.
  18. Collection of dividends and profits – Application of the Fees.
  19. IntellectualPropertyRights Management.
  20. Financial Family Office – FFO.
  21. Establishment and management of the database “Unicoinformatico” (ex 197/91) for the purpose of anti-money laundering and of statistical monetary reporting for professionals, non-financial professionals, mediatorsenrolled with the list described in Art. 113 of T. U. B. Holding company and other obliged subjects.
  22. Withholding agent assignments relating to the fulfillment of obligations expected by Legislative Decree n. 461/97 on capital gain.
  23. Auxiliary function of the Board of Statutory Auditors.
  24. Holding shareholders’ register and Bonds – Management office associates.-Secretarial service.
  25. Otherservices