Our professional studio offers support in third sector through customised advice on the foundation and management of associations, amateur Sports associations, non-profit organizations, committees, foundations, clubs and so on.

In particular, in synergistic professional collaboration with Italian legal practices, we:

  • offer advice to companies for the management of sports facilities and for the organization of sporting events;
  • guarantee updated knowledge of rules, regulations, decisions, fiscal and tax discipline inherent in the football world, national and international, offering all the workers in the sector a continuous and useful support to the solution of legal-sport issues;
  • provide interpretations and advice on federal documents and regulations;
  • assist professional sports companies, both national and international, in the legal, tax, insurance, plant, organizational and business sectors;
  • advise on the formation of new companies and sports associations and the negotiation and conclusion of sponsorship and advertising contracts;
  • provide athletes and companies with legal advice on doping, insurance, protection of the image and the protection of safety and health in workplaces and motor activities;
  • manage relationships with Federations and Sports Leagues on behalf of the customer;
  • assist the sportsman at every stage of his career, including the promotion of post-career phase, offering numerous services, including personal, for all types of legal, tax, social security and capital requirements;
  • assist our customer resolving issues related to sports contract and image protection by providing advice on hiring, sponsorship, advertising contracts.