Our professional studio, in synergistic professional collaboration with foreign professionals, deals with projects aimed at companies’ internationalization and it provides the know-how to take on strategically the industrial and commercial entrance into a EU or non-EU country.

These projects start from the identification and selection of the foreign country or countries which offer the greatest guarantees of success both in starting a business relationship and in settling process of a production structure.

During the implementation phase, we identify the potential partners and alliances in the chosen country in order to reduce the uncertainties related to the lack of knowledge of the territory disadvantages.

Once shared the choice of a potential Partner, we assist the Customer both in the drafting of the agreements, and in any corporate, legal, tax and administrative relationships with foreign law, possibly relating and comparing it with the Italian law, and providing global assistance not onlyat the beginning of the relationship, but also in the overall company management (establishing new legal entities provided with offices, staff and an appropriate sales network in the target market, etc.).

In the current world economic scenario, the crucial solution for the endurance and development of many companies is the ability to get on a growth path outside the local boundaries.